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Get Sylvan’s Proven Programs at Home with Online Tutoring

You’ve Adapted and So Have We

Sylvan Learning has been supporting families as they navigate their child’s education journey for more than 40 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the interruption in schooling for children everywhere, we want you to know: We are united in helping your family now, more than ever.

We know families are looking for solutions that allow them to continue safely learning at home. So, the entire Sylvan network has risen up to provide the same, high-quality, proven education we’ve always had now through live, online tutoring. Our same certified teachers that teach in our Sylvan locations are now conducting live, face-to-face sessions and kids are not skipping a beat!

Hear what other Sylvan families have to say about our Online Tutoring Programs:

"Schools are closed and I need help! Sylvan notified me that they can offer me live 1:1 online tutoring with their certified teachers. We tried our first session and it was a huge help! My child shared their screen and the tutor was able to help her understand her math homework! I am so thankful for this help, thank you Sylvan!"
James B., Sylvan dad

"We're really liking this virtual tutoring, and James looks forward to it! Thank you for making it available. It's helping us and gives us extra structure in our week, too. Much appreciated!"
Jill S., Sylvan mom

Did you know that our centers are all locally owned and operated?

So, when you support your local Sylvan, you are also supporting the local families behind that center, who contribute to your local community every day.

As we all navigate into the unknown of the days ahead, know Sylvan is here for you with live, online tutoring and FREE parent resources on SylvanNation.com.

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Our Same In-Center Programs are Now Live and Online!

With our live, online tutoring programs, your child will …

  • Get support with at-home learning needs
  • Keep skills sharp with Sylvan’s proven, digital curriculum
  • Interact live with certified tutors through face-to-face online sessions
  • Keep the learning going through these uncertain times

And, you’ll rest easier knowing that your child is on track as you juggle it all.

See How Sylvan Live, Online Tutoring Can Help Support Your Family

Now offering live online tutoring

FREE Online Resources on Sylvan Nation

In addition to face-to-face online tutoring support with our tutors, kids need extra practice at home. SylvanNation.com has additional free activities and resources you can download to keep the learning going and your child’s skills sharp. Sign up today to get the goods!

Reach Out to Your Local Sylvan Today!

We know there’s lots going on, and we want to help to make sure your child’s education isn’t interrupted any more than it has to be.

Find your local Sylvan to see their live, online tutoring program offerings, and let’s keep your child moving forward!

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